About Us

Welcome to African Grey Parrot Store!

African Grey Parrot Store is the best Shop you will find near me. Located within the heart of Hamilton, MT 59840, US, our mission is about education, nutrition, conservation, and a mutual love for parrots.


We want to make sure that you foster a successful relationship together with your new feathered friend(s). we attempt to support you by answering your avian-related questions and providing you with expert tips and advice on better caring for your feathered friend! For anyone curious about learning more about the way to love and maintain their feathered companion, we also offer a fanatical classroom where we host educational programs and seminars that feature avian experts in conservation, medicine, nutrition, behavior, and more!


We better understand what an avian diet should look like! Our goal is to assist bird owners in consistently moving towards highly diverse whole food diets. As we now know, natural, whole foods are the most specific diets for our feathered friends!

A Mutual Love for Birds:

Our Birds are hand-reared, meaning we extensively work with them to finish their feeding and socialization through weaning and beyond. We make sure that each bird has adequate socialization for them to become successful feathered companions. We also provide a secure home for our  adult birds. Often, adult birds may fear humans or are going to be uncomfortable beginning with their cage. We work with them to rebuild their trust in humans to assist them in finding their forever homes.
We want to figure with you and assist you in buying the species that are ideal for your unique family dynamics. Our goals are to help our beloved feathered friends find their forever homes and nurture a successful relationship with your feathered companion.

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